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What are Crystal Chakra Candles?

Luxury scented candles infused with crystals to soothe the chakras

Chakras are subtle energy centres located around our nerve plexuses and they control our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Rose Quartz promotes love

Rose quartz crystals promote love and heal the heart. Our Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle is infused with these crystals.

Amethyst supports creativity

Our Amethyst Sacral Chakra Crystal Candle promotes finding inspiration and creativity from the collective unconscious.

Lucky Green Aventurine

Our Green Aventurine Nabhi Chakra Candle harnesses this crystals lucky charm to bring wealth and good fortune.

Aquamarine soothes emotions

Our Aquamarine Throat Chakra candle promotes good communication and calm.

Organic hand poured soy wax
Ethically sourced crystals
Award winning candles
Natural vegan beauty

Ethical & Sustainable

Ethically sourced products delivered in sustainable, eco-packaging.

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