Chakra Candles

Your health, mental wellbeing and emotional balance is controlled by the state of your chakras.  Did you know that chakras as spinning wheels of energy - they are the subtle manifestation of your central nervous system?  If they are spinning properly then you can maintain your optimal wellness, but when your chakras become blocked you experience physical problems or negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to ill health.

Learning to meditate helps clear your chakras.  You can support your meditation by burning candles that can clear negativity in the atmosphere.  Certain crystals and essential oils can support chakra cleansing if chosen correctly.  Our range of chakra candles provides a luxury approach to meditaton with natural, organic ingredients.

Our premium quality natural soywax candles are infused with crystal gems and essential oils that help activate the chakras and relax the mind.  The crystal gems inside these luxury candles can be used in jewellery afterwards.