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Our Mission - Harmony through Beauty

We offer luxury products that promote health and wellbeing

Chic & Raw is a brand new business with a mission to support our customers to live their best life with clean, sustainable natural products that promote beauty, health and wellbeing.  We strive to create and curate clean, natural products that will be good for your mind, body and soul. We firmly believe a calm mind promotes emotional stability and a healthy body.

Who is Chic & Raw?

We're a husband and wife team living in the UK and trying to live our best lives.  Since we got married life has been a busy rollercoaster of work and renovating our new house.  On that hectic journey we both found we were getting sick often.  Sometimes we would get migraines that would last for a few days.  Our long commutes, combined with high pressure jobs, were making us ill and something had to change.  My husband was diagnosed with a gastric issue and I was found to have insulin resistance - we were both at risk of becoming very ill if we didn't make changes!  I turned to meditation - my constant refuge for many years, but we also decided to make lifestyle changes.  We switched to a completely organic diet and miraculously the crippling migraines stopped completely for both of us at the same time!  We decided to take this a step further by removing as many toxins and plastics from our environment as possible, in a balanced manner.  These steps have greatly improved our health and we want to continue learning what works for us and getting even better.  

Why we started Chic & Raw?

Who doesn't love a little luxury in their lives?  Do you love beautiful objects in your home but you are disappointed to find that many 'natural' products still use synthetic fragrances or toxins such as paraffin?  On the other hand, have you noticed that most natural, vegan products are not always beautiful or luxurious-looking?  This is the gap that Chic & Raw wants to fill - affordable luxury made with natural products.  Chic & Raw candles are not the type you will find in your granny's home.  Although "Granny, if you're listening - we love you!" and our candles will bring luxe and 'hygge' to any home.

Where we source our products

We work with a few trusted suppliers who adhere to our values of creating high quality products with natural, sustainable ingredients.  These suppliers are in both the UK and around the world.  Whenever possible we use local ingredients in our products.