Our Mission - Harmony through Beauty

We offer luxury products that promote harmony and beauty

Chic & Raw was founded in 2019 with a mission to support our customers with luxury, sustainable and natural products that promote harmony and wellbeing.  We strive to create and curate aesthetically beautiful products that will be good for your mind, body and soul. We firmly believe in the soothing power of beauty to promote a joyful spirit and a harmonious mind, which in turn establishes emotional stability and a healthy body.

 Heart Chakra Candle

Why we started Chic & Raw?

My name is Binanti and, together with my husband Darren, I founded Chic & Raw as a creative outlet to express my love of meditation and my sense of aesthetics.  I think many people can relate to the fact that life is stressful… since Darren and I got married, life has been a busy rollercoaster of work and renovating our house.  On that hectic journey we both turned to yoga to help us relax.


I had already started meditating quite by accident 28 years ago.  It wasn’t common back then but I found a meditation technique that really works and it’s the best way to balance emotions, thoughts and intentions.  This has greatly improved our mental and physical health and we want to continue learning and sharing what works for us.  

 Rose quartz candle

Why Meditation, Candles and Crystals?

If you don’t have peace of mind then everything else will go out of balance.  I definitely believe that disease starts with negative thought patterns and emotions we can’t release and they eventually take a toll on the body.  When your thoughts, emotions and desires are in harmony with each other then you feel at peace.  Looking after your body and diet is important but the mind and emotions are often neglected.  This is where meditation and creating a beautiful home can also help.  If your mind is chaotic and you live in a chaotic environment – how can you feel good?  I always find that by creating order and practicing self-care routines, everyone can find a way to improve their mental health.

Candles are so important when you meditate as part of the self-care rituals you can develop, but few people know that the flame also cleanses negative energy from the atmosphere, whilst the fragrance helps clear the ether.

Crystals absorb and release energy at frequencies that work on our chakras.  Chakras are the subtle energy centres that look after all aspects of our minds, emotions and physical bodies.  If you match the perfect crystal and candle fragrance to your chakras, you can increase the soothing vibrations that can help unblock your chakras.  As a result, you feel better again.

Also, few people know that beautiful objects have benefits that go beyond materialistic pleasure.  Beauty has the power to spark joy and harmony in our spirits.  These are the benefits that Chic & Raw wants to provide to our customers - beautiful, luxurious candles and lifestyle products that will give you joy, happiness and wellbeing.  

Root chakra candle

Where do we source our products?

We work with a few trusted suppliers who adhere to our values of creating high quality products with natural, sustainable ingredients.  These suppliers are in both the UK and around the world.  Whenever possible we use local ingredients in our products.

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