Deep Blue Colour Therapy Candle
Deep Blue Colour Therapy Candle
  • Deep Blue Colour Therapy Candle
  • Deep Blue Colour Therapy Candle
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Deep Blue Colour Therapy Candle

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Colour Therapy Candles to suit your mood and lifestyle

COLOUR THERAPY is the practice of using the natural energy emitted by colours to heal and enhance our moods and emotions.  Each colour is made of light of a particular wavelength and has its own resonating energy.  We respond to the powerful effects of colours and if used correctly colours can balance our minds and soothe our emotions.

DEEP BLUE is harmonious, calming and serene.  Blue has been found to lower the pulse rate and body temperature. Combined with the soothing effects of lavender essential oil, Chic & Raw's Deep Blue, lavender scented candle creates the perfect, relaxing atmosphere.

424g. Burn time approx 46 hours.

  • FILL YOUR HOME WITH THE RELAXING SCENT OF LAVENDER.  This candle strongly smells to create a beautiful home fragrance when lit for at least 30 minutes, allowing the aroma to grow.
  • CREATE A MINI SPA OR AN OASIS OF CALM to escape to in your own bathroom with this navy coloured aromatherapy candle.
  • CANDLES ARE GREAT ORNAMENTS AND ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR HOME DECOR.  Complement the colour scheme in your home with colour coordinated candles.
  • AROMATIC & STYLISH COLOUR THERAPY CANDLES to suit your mood and your lifestyle using the energy of the colour spectrum.  Blue enhances feeling of harmony and tranquillity.
  • A GREAT HOME GIFT or a treat for yourself!